Through the separation of disintegrated converter and ladle slag created during the metallurgical process, we produce converter lime that can be used as a fertiliser. Silicon dioxide limes and lime fertilisers have been a mainstay of the agricultural sector for a century, as they promote plant growth and plant health. The converter lime (moist granular) contains essential micro-nutrients that prevent symptoms of deficiency in crops and considerably boost the plants’ resistance to disease.
Above all, the silica, which is directly available to plants, increases the soil's storage capacity for water and nutrients. As a result, this in turn leads to greater resistance and greater stalk strength in the plants.
All these advantages not only have a positive effect on the yield (up to 6% additional yield) of the arable or grassland, but also on the quality. As a result, plants that are optimally supplied with nutrients can also have positive effects in animal husbandry.

Fertiliser lime


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