For civil engineering and road/path construction in the agricultural and forestry sectors, we process metallurgical by-products of a specifically adjusted composition into a range of aggregates for use as certified mineral building materials created during the blast furnace process (StahLith® H) and during the production of steel (StahLith® E). The processing steps correspond to those used for natural mineral aggregates (e.g. gravel or sand).

The FRIEDRICH GROUP produces all common classified materials for rural road and path construction – from highly load-bearing sub-base materials to high-quality gravel base courses. The material can be compacted very easily, exhibits a high degree of stability and, according to the Directive of the German Association for Water Management, Waste Water and Refuse, can be used as a gravel base course for rural road and path construction.

Please find below a summary of the product descriptions and grain sizes. You can also find technical data about the products in our current test certificates.

Small quantities can be purchased at the Reststoffzentrum (Residual Material Centre) in Barum.


Rural path and road construction


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